Genius Hour Project: Progress

So, how is everyone doing?

I’ve been working on my rag quilt blanket and I’ve found that it takes more time than I thought, plus the fabric costs a lot! 🙂 So, I think I’ll just be making one blanket for now, but later I’ll make more as I have time. I picked out three different patterns for this blanket, to keep it interesting: navy blue with light blue and green arrows, white, and brown with different colored owls. They all work well together and I hope that whoever gets it will enjoy it.

Genius Hour Project

I’ve decided to serve my community in some way by learning how to make a rag quilt, then proceed to make about 5 of them, and then donate them to Project Linus, a program that takes blankets and gives them to children in need all around the world.

This project will help others and serve the community by supplying the homeless and otherwise helpless people with something to cuddle with and cry on. For me, I always turn to my favorite blanket when I need to cry or cuddle. It’s a way of receiving comfort when no other way is available.

I challenge you to do the same. Help your community in some way and post it here!

New Beginnings


It’s the new year! Got anything exciting to share? Any new resolutions? Just click here if you’d like to share to the world!

I’ll share my New Year’s Resolution with you:

Well, this would be my first Resolution that I’ve ever made. Usually I just set a goal and shoot for it, I don’t wait for the New Year to start anything new. But this year, I decided to try it out. So, the New Year’s Resolution that I decided to make is: reading the Book of Mormon in a year or less. Since previously it took me about ten years because I would read it off and on. This time, however, I’m going to continually read it and finish it in 2015 and no later.

So, that’s my New Year’s Resolution! What’s yours? (click above, or share in the comments)

An Awkward Moment

I walk around the corner of the hall to see my best friend, Kyle, standing with a cute girl holding hands. He turns in time to see me about to explode.

“This is not what it looks like!” he tells me, frantic.

“Oh, really? She’s not holding your hand with such tenderness? You’re not about to kiss her? This isn’t about to be a romantic scene? Then what is it?!”

“A really innocent scene where a guy decides to be a gentleman and help a young lady up off the floor.”

Have any of you felt this way before?

Homework Troubles Anyone?

So, this is a story I wrote in my English class in High School. Please, please, please, post in the comments some improvements. Thanks!

Tom walked into class Tuesday morning with his homework in hand and sat down at his desk. Miss Hamilton asked, “You’re not usually absent, Tom; where were you yesterday?”

Tom hesitated a little, then said simply, “I went on an adventure where I ended up crossdressed, covered in honey, feathered, and ridiculously filthy.” Then he added with a shrug, “I decided to go home.”

Sally, a girl who sat behind Tom and thought herself a realistic snob, said, “Yeah, like we all believe that story. Tell us what you really did, Farm Boy!”

“No, it’s true! I had my homework in my hand when a sudden gust of wind took it and carried it off. I tried to catch it, going first left, then right. But every time I got close, it would get farther away. It turned into a type of dance that ended as soon as it went above the rooftops. I clambered up the nearest fire escape, just like in the movies. I wasn’t paying attention to what I laid my feet on, though, as I ran and snatched at my flying piece of homework. I realized my mistake when I heard the distinctive sound of wood breaking. Next thing I knew, I was on top of a pile of wood and broken hangers in a clothing shop full of people. When I finally untangled myself I found that I had slipped into a light blue dress. Well, that didn’t matter seeing that my homework was getting away. So, I started running on rooftops again. Anyway, to keep it short, I ended up really filthy – covered in honey, and feathered, and dressed as a girl. By the time I actually got my homework back in my hand, it was too late to go to school. So….what did I miss? and here’s my homework.”

How’s that for an excuse, huh?


This is a revised version of the poem I wrote in 5th grade about a dream that I had. Feel free to share your ideas for a title or other improvements in the comments section.

Sailing through the sky

Rose petals softly brush her cheek

As she flies so high

There is something down below playing

hide and seek

No one in their right minds

Would fly down to investigate something

such agleam

But, she went down anyway and finds

That it was just a dream